After School Program


Black Belt Program for 
                 Teens & Adults



This program is ideal for anyone who has joined and quit health clubs, and is looking for a new way to exercise and get fit.

TAEKWONDO classes are full of variety with the average student training for years, not months. Every class is a complete workout designed to improve your flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. With Basic Program, you will lose weight, gain muscle tone and improve your athletic performance for other sports.

This program will:

  • Improve your health.

  • Reduce your stress.

  • Increase your confidence.

  • Learn a highly effective form of         self-defense.

  • Positively affect every aspect of your life.



Black Belt Program for 

Specially designed for kids 5 to 14 years old, the Black Belt Program develops your child¨s focus and ability to follow directions, and builds character by emphasizing respect, discipline, positive attitude and commitment to do one¨s best.

Kids in this program grow up with confidence and a sense of achievement and leadership that will benefit them for a life time.


This program will give students:

  • A sense of focus and determination.

  • A structured learning environment.

  • Instructors that are friendly and encouraging,  and senior belt members that are positive role models.



It is unlikely that your child can attend a health club with you. And you would probably feel a little out of place if you joined in with your son or daughter¨s soccer team.

At KUKKI TAEKWONDO, every family member can train together side by side, providing you with shared goals, quality family time, and an opportunity to meet a great group of friendly people. You can be confident that you and your family will be developing relationship with sincere, motivated, healthy families.


This program will give your family :

  • A way to bring your family closer together.

  • A way to find exercise time for both you and your children.

  • A positive environment surrounded by motivated goal setters.

  • A rewarding activity your whole family will enjoy.


Kukki Taekwondo Trial Program for 
                                     Everyone !


Do you want to find out if Kukki Tkd is right for you and your child?

No experience necessary! - Ideal for beginners!

Our trial program is JUST $9.99 for 3 classes

This program will give you:

  • 3 Taekwondo classes

  • An oppurtunity to observe & participate classes and speak with professional Master

  • Review of our flexible class schedules